Embark on a visual journey through the online world of 345AC, an Art Creative small business. This comprehensive 15+ page website offers a rich user experience, featuring a home page with a concise business description, an intuitive navigation section, a captivating portfolio of 40+ photos, detailed service pages with integrated booking systems, an interactive “About Us” page, an online shop for gift cards, and a user-friendly contact page with a map to locate the business.

Home Page: We introduced 345AC through a visually appealing home page, featuring a succinct business description. The navigation section simplifies user experience by providing easy access to popular pages with brief descriptions. A striking portfolio of 40+ photos showcases the artistry of 345AC.

About Us Page: Dive deeper into the creative narrative of 345AC on the “About Us” page, where we integrated interactive photos to provide a more immersive understanding of the business.

Online Shop: Experience the convenience of online gifting with the integrated online shop, allowing visitors to purchase various gift cards directly from the website.

Service Pages with Booking System: Explore the diverse services offered by 345AC through dedicated pages, each featuring a third-party booking system. Booking services has never been easier.

Contact Page: Connect effortlessly with 345AC via the contact page, featuring a user-friendly contact form. The interactive map ensures that visitors can easily locate the business, adding a practical touch to the online experience.

In collaboration with Proto Designs, 345AC’s website stands as a testament to the fusion of artistic expression and digital innovation, offering visitors a multifaceted and engaging online journey.




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