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Proto Designs proudly presents the dynamic online hub for Dandenong Basketball Association (DBA), a comprehensive website designed to cater to players, enthusiasts, and officials alike. The homepage boasts an interactive banner showcasing the latest news updates, a streamlined navigation section, and a slider highlighting the association’s sponsors. Delve into the association’s history and meet the management team on the About and Management pages, respectively. The Resources page offers an array of interactive buttons for quick access to crucial information. Stay in the know with the News page, explore programs and camps with integrated booking systems, and navigate the intricate details of domestic and representative competitions. The website also features dedicated pages for technical officials, providing a holistic platform for all things DBA.

Home Page: The DBA website, crafted by Proto Designs, begins with a visually engaging homepage featuring an interactive banner showcasing the latest news updates. A streamlined navigation section ensures easy access to the three most popular pages, and a slider highlights the association’s sponsors and partners.

About and Management Pages: Learn about the association’s history on the About page, which provides a comprehensive introduction to DBA. The Management page introduces the dedicated team behind the scenes, outlining the individuals responsible for running the association.

Resources Page: The Resources page serves as a centralised hub, featuring interactive buttons that link to important resources and information needed by members of the association. Proto Designs ensures easy navigation for all stakeholders.

News Page: Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the association on the News page. Proto Designs enables DBA to post blogs, news, updates, and essential information in an organised and accessible format.

Programs and Camps Pages: Explore the various programs and camps offered by DBA through dedicated pages. Proto Designs incorporates a third-party booking system into the website, allowing viewers to seamlessly book without leaving the DBA platform.

Domestic Competition Pages: Navigate the intricacies of the domestic competition with pages outlining information, rules, registration details, and fixtures. Proto Designs ensures a user-friendly experience for participants in the domestic leagues.

Representative Pages: Dive into the representative program through dedicated pages offering information and links for aspiring players. Proto Designs provides a comprehensive platform for those interested in DBA’s representative basketball.

Technical Officials Page: The website concludes with a Technical Officials page, catering to referees and technical officials. Proto Designs includes all necessary information, creating a valuable resource for those involved in officiating.

In collaboration with Proto Designs, the DBA website stands as a testament to the fusion of technology and basketball administration, offering a comprehensive online experience for players, officials, and enthusiasts within the association




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