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Proto Designs proudly presents the vibrant online hub for EDJBT, the biggest basketball tournament in the Southern hemisphere, that brings the excitement of the game to a digital platform. The website features a homepage with a warm welcome and tournament description, last year’s stats displayed dynamically, and a captivating image slideshow. Navigating through dedicated pages, visitors can explore the tournament’s history, essential information, local deals, rules, registration options, fixtures, referee sign-up, venue details, and easily reach out through a comprehensive contact page.

Homepage: The EDJBT website, opens with a welcoming homepage offering a brief description of the tournament. Last year’s stats are dynamically presented with a counting feature, creating anticipation for the upcoming event. A visually engaging image slideshow showcases the vibrancy of past tournaments.

History Page: Delve into the rich history of EDJBT on the dedicated History page. It weaves a narrative that traces the tournament’s journey, offering a nostalgic glance at its evolution over the years.

Information Page: Get tournament-ready with the Information page, a comprehensive guide. From schedules to logistics, this page ensures participants and spectators have all the details they need for a seamless experience.

Deals and Discounts Page: Explore local offerings with the Deals and Discounts page. Highlighting businesses around the tournament area, this page provides attendees with exclusive deals and perks.

Rules Page: Navigate the tournament guidelines on the Rules page. The website meticulously outlines all the rules, ensuring clarity for participants and maintaining fair play throughout the competition.

Registration Page: Join the tournament seamlessly through the interactive Registration page. Proto Designs simplifies the process with age-specific buttons, enhancing user experience and facilitating easy sign-up.

Fixtures Page: Stay updated on game schedules with the Fixtures page. The website has integrated links to fixtures, providing participants and fans with real-time information on match timings and locations.

Referee Sign-Up Page: Engage potential referees with the Referee Sign-Up page, where the website facilitates easy registration and inquiries.

Venue Page: Discover the tournament’s venues effortlessly with the Venue page. Proto Designs incorporates an interactive tab dropdown feature, complete with location maps, ensuring attendees can navigate with ease.

Contact Page: The website concludes with a comprehensive Contact page. Proto Designs integrates a contact form, contact details, and a map locator of the two clubs running the tournament, ensuring smooth communication.

In collaboration with Proto Designs, the EDJBT website stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of sports, history, and local engagement, providing participants and enthusiasts with an immersive online experience.



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