Step into the world of lashes with Proto Designs’ creation for Eyelashed Myself, a DIY Eyelashes small business. This compact website, featuring a homepage and an online shop, offers an engaging introduction to the product, easy navigation to the shop, insights into the business, and a user-friendly online shop with a variety of 10+ lash products.

Homepage: Proto Designs invites visitors to Eyelashed Myself with a concise homepage, starting with a section that creatively describes the product in five ways with the help of using icons. The user-friendly layout includes a seamless navigation section guiding users to the shop. An “About Us” part introduces the business, followed by a dedicated section providing insights into the owner, Caitlin Johnson.

Shop Page: Discover the allure of DIY lashes on the user-friendly shop page. Proto Designs has meticulously curated a selection of 10+ lash products, allowing customers to explore and purchase with ease. The clean design ensures a smooth shopping experience, highlighting the diversity of Eyelashed Myself’s offerings.

In collaboration with Proto Designs, Eyelashed Myself’s website is a testament to simplicity and functionality. The design facilitates an engaging journey for visitors, from learning about the product and the business to seamlessly navigating the online shop for a personalised lash experience.

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