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Proto Designs proudly presents the digital haven for author Ian Pike, an immersive website crafted to engage and connect with readers. The homepage begins with Ian Pike’s inspiring journey as an author, accompanied by a convenient email subscription form for his weekly blog. The page continues with a changing “Scripture of the Day,” links to his books and free downloads, and a live Facebook feed. The website seamlessly leads visitors to a store page offering books in various formats, a download page with free booklets, a weekly blog capturing the author’s journey, and a user-friendly contact page for effortless communication.

Home Page: Ian Pike’s website, designed by Proto Designs, opens with an intimate portrayal of the author’s beginnings and the motivations driving his writing journey. A convenient email subscription form allows fans to stay updated on his weekly blog. The homepage also features a changing “Scripture of the Day,” offering a touch of inspiration. Links to Ian Pike’s books, free downloads, and a live Facebook feed complete the engaging introduction.

Store Page: Navigate the literary offerings on the Store page, where Proto Designs provides a seamless platform for fans to purchase Ian Pike’s books in four different formats – eBook (PDF, Kindle, ePub), and Audio Book (mp3). This section serves as a central hub for readers to explore and acquire the author’s works.

Download Page: Discover the generosity of Ian Pike on the Download page, where Proto Designs offers free downloadable booklets in the same four formats found in the store. This section enhances reader engagement by providing valuable content without cost.

Blog Page: Delve into Ian Pike’s personal reflections and updates on the Blog page. Updated weekly, the blog offers readers insights into the author’s journey, thoughts, and any relevant updates.

Contact Page: Connect effortlessly with Ian Pike through the Contact page, featuring a user-friendly contact form. This ensures a seamless channel for readers and visitors to reach out and engage in conversation.

In collaboration with Proto Designs, Ian Pike’s website is a dynamic blend of authorship, engagement, and accessibility. The thoughtful design provides an immersive experience for readers, offering not just books but a glimpse into the author’s journey and regular updates through the weekly blog.

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