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Proto Designs proudly presents the dynamic website for SEJBT, a thrilling basketball tournament. This expertly crafted platform offers visitors a warm welcome, comprehensive tournament information, rules, a captivating image slideshow showcasing past events, and easy access to fixtures and team registrations. The website also features a dedicated page for referees to sign up and inquire, an interactive Venue page with location maps, and a user-friendly contact page with forms and details.

Homepage: SEJBT’s website, crafted by Proto Designs, begins with a warm welcome and an informative description of the basketball tournament. The homepage seamlessly transitions into detailed tournament information and rules. An engaging image slideshow captures the excitement of past tournaments, setting the tone for what’s to come.

Fixtures and Team Registrations: The website offers direct access to fixtures and team registrations, ensuring participants and fans can easily navigate the schedule and join the tournament. Proto Designs has optimised these sections for user convenience.

Referees Page: Aspiring referees have their dedicated space on the website, complete with a sign-up form. Proto Designs facilitates easy communication, allowing referees to inquire about and express interest in officiating the tournament.

Venue Page: Explore the tournament’s venues effortlessly on the interactive Venue page. Proto Designs employs a tab feature for each venue, offering location maps for clear navigation. This section ensures participants and visitors have all the information they need to attend games.

Contact Page: The website concludes with a Contact page featuring both a user-friendly contact form and direct contact details. This ensures smooth communication for anyone with inquiries or feedback about the tournament.

Proto Designs has seamlessly combined functionality and aesthetics in the creation of the SEJBT website. Navigating the platform provides a comprehensive and enjoyable experience, enhancing engagement for participants, referees, and basketball enthusiasts alike.

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