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Proto Designs presents the digital home of Simbisa, a personal training small business. This website, divided into four essential pages, offers an immersive experience. Beginning with the home page featuring a warm introduction and user-friendly navigation, it seamlessly guides visitors through insights about the owner, Farai Vere. Clients can engage through a contact form. The subsequent pages delve into personal training services, client testimonials, personalised program orders with online payment, and a digital shop selling ebooks and merchandise.

Home Page: Proto Designs introduces Simbisa with a welcoming homepage, combining an informative business introduction with a navigation section for seamless exploration. The spotlight then shifts to Farai Vere, the owner, providing a personal touch. The page concludes with an accessible contact form, fostering communication between Simbisa and its clients.

Personal Training Page: Dive into the world of personal training on this page, where Proto Designs outlines the services provided by Simbisa. Engaging testimonials from satisfied clients add credibility and offer prospective clients a glimpse into the positive experiences others have had.

Personalised Programs Page: Simbisa’s commitment to personalised fitness journeys comes alive on this page. Proto Designs integrates a user-friendly form for clients to order and pay for personalised programs online, streamlining the process and enhancing the user experience.

Ebooks & Merchandise Shop: Explore Simbisa’s digital offerings on the online shop, curated by Proto Designs. Clients can purchase and download ebooks, gaining access to valuable fitness resources. Additionally, merchandise is available for those wanting tangible reminders of their fitness journey.

In collaboration with Proto Designs, Simbisa’s website is a testament to the fusion of fitness and technology. The thoughtful design facilitates an engaging user journey, from discovering the business to ordering personalised programs and accessing digital resources.

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