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Welcome to the digital realm of humour for the talented comedian, Steven J Whiteley. This concise 3-page website is designed for an optimal user experience, featuring an interactive homepage with easy navigation, a news page with embedded video updates, and a shop page offering media downloads and merchandise.

Homepage: Proto Designs introduces Steven J Whiteley through a dynamic homepage, initiating with an interactive navigation section that directs visitors to popular areas with brief descriptions. The tab system elegantly showcases the comedian’s upcoming events, followed by links to his social media accounts. A delightful image gallery captures the essence of his acts over the years, and a user-friendly contact form ensures seamless interaction.

News Page: Stay updated with Steven J Whiteley’s latest antics on the News page, where Proto Designs integrates embedded video posts linked to YouTube. This section serves as a hub for fans to enjoy the comedian’s most recent updates in a visually engaging format.

Shop Page: Indulge in the comedian’s world on the Shop page, where Proto Designs presents media downloads of some of Steven J Whiteley’s past acts. Fans can also explore and purchase merchandise, all seamlessly integrated into a user-friendly online shop.

In collaboration with Proto Designs, Steven J Whiteley’s website emerges as a virtual stage, offering fans and enthusiasts an immersive experience into the comedian’s world. The three-page design strikes a perfect balance between functionality and entertainment, showcasing Proto Designs’ expertise in creating engaging and efficient online spaces.

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